Anatomy Of The Meltdown – 1998-2008. The Worst Decade in Stock Investing, or Was It? 2nd Edition – June 2011.


New book offers insight into tumultuous Stock Market of the last decade

Anatomy of the Meltdown – 1998-2008, by seasoned investment advisor Franck Prissert, explores the ups and downs of the US Stock Market’s worst decade

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – Anatomy of the Meltdown – 1998-2008. The Worst Decade in StockInvesting, or Was It?, by Franck Prissert, aims to provide an insider’s perspective on how and why the Markets have been so turbulent over the last 10 years.

According to Prissert, data shows that the decade ending in 2008 was the worst in 150 years. Prissert claims that the 20% drop in household net worth and financial unrest that have unfolded can be explained by tracing events as far back as 1995.

Prissert divides recent history into two phases, the “internet bubble” and the “real estate and financial bubble”.  Anatomy of the Meltdown shows that these bubbles created a level of financial leverage  never seen before. Prissert intends to address the long-term causes of this crisis, rather than focus on the short-term consequences. 

While hopeful from a statistical standpoint, Prissert believes it is almost impossible to effectively predict what the financial future will bring. The best way to prepare for stability, however, is to learn from times of chaos. Anatomy of the Meltdown aims to educate its readers in order to help prevent further strife.

Bill Stewart, Chairman of W.P. Stewart & Co. and one of the finest money managers of the past forty years according to Prissert, had this to say about Anatomy of the Meltdown:

“We all focus on recent events while sometimes losing track of how they developed.

Franck’s work puts the past decade into bold relief, reminding us of how the worst market in most of our lifetimes came to be. His points are well made and nicely documented. This should help all of us to better understand the present investment climate – a necessary precursor to forecasting the next step.

Finally, Franck illustrates that the market’s decline over the past decade was about as bad as it gets, but the following decade is usually spectacularly good. Schumpeter on steroids! This is a nice read providing valuable investment perspective.”

Anatomy of the Meltdown – 1998-2008. The Worst Decade in Stock Investing, or Was It?  is available for sale online at,, and through additional retail chains worldwide.