Anti-Semitism In The US. Resurgence Means It Happened Before.

Anti-Semitism In The US. Resurgence. Means It Happened Before.

I published “Between Obama’s Lines” in November 2018, but you got short changed. There is no talk about Uranium ONE, or Mueller & co, because the timeline ends somewhere in late 2014. Too bad, but then again, these are footnotes in the overall big picture, Putin’s geopolitical ambitions. In retrospect, the title should be “How Obama Helped Putin Trash The Truman Doctrine.”

I short changed you on another topic. Initially, this was not a book just about Obama. I simply wanted to give a few examples of previous major Administration’s blunders, culminating with this one. Obama happened to be there, in the worst place at the worst time. So, while the published book is 65,000 words long, the original is 1/3rd longer. That was a TMI bummer so I cut it down. But.

But. Anti-Semitism. What I am quoting below is absent from the published book, but is very much part of the 20,000 words I deleted from the draft. It was TMI then, it no longer is. It speaks to the period between the two WW, and it speaks for itself.

“Schizophrenia was contagious, and especially dangerous when coupled with memory loss. One of the principal men in charge of the Lend-Lease program was no other than Averell Harriman. Strangely, starting in 1941, he was sent to Moscow to negotiate its terms with Stalin. Strangely because in his previous life he had financed, in chronological order, Tsarist Russia, Bolsheviks Revolutionaries, Prussia, Stalin, and lastly, Hitler.

On January 14th, 1941, the same Knight Woolley of Brown Brothers Harriman & co who, in 1933, had asked his partner Harriman about the Consolidated Silesian Steel Company, had written this to State Banking Superintendent William R. White[i]:

Because of possible uncertainty as to whether the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart might be held to be a Dutch institution, or whether it is, in fact, a German institution under a Dutch name, my partners have been giving serious consideration to withdrawing from the board. Should the United States enter the war, they feel they might be under some embarrassment because of their connection with the bank, even though we have no financial interest in the Union Banking Corporation, nor do we participate in its earnings.”

To which Mr. White replied, on May 13th, 1941:

During recent months this department has been obliged to give unusual attention to certain of the banking organizations which have been affected by the freezing orders. This, however has not been the case of the Union Banking Corporation because of the confidence which the department has in the directors of this institution”.

Clearly, neither the Dulles Brothers nor the Banking Superintendent saw anything wrong with anything Harriman and his cohort was involved with, despite the glaring ties to Thyssen, Flick, Krupp, I.G. Farben, Auschwitz, Harriman 15 and the rest.

Up until, a little more than a year later, in October 1942, all the Union Banking assets were seized by the Alien Property Custodian Leo Cromley, under the Trading With The Enemy Act of 1917, the First War Powers Act of 1941 and the March 11th, 1941 Executive Order 9095. So much for Mr. White’s insight.

President Roosevelt was well aware of Americans aiding the Nazis, even after the war had been declared, and had his own private network of counter intelligence. In the case of Union Banking Corp., the spy’s name was Dan Harkins. Pretending to be a Nazi supporter, he was an employee of Union Banking, whistleblower to Congress and reporting to Naval Intelligence. The strange question was, why did FDR continue to “rely” upon Averell Harriman’s advice…? The answer was, simply, blackmail.

It would be “unfair” to single Averell Harriman out. As we amply saw before, he was “just one” of the bankers with some industrial interests at stake but he was in good company. In 1941, Interior Secretary Harold Hickes had this to say about Andrew Mellon, owner of Alcoa

If America loses this war, it can thank the Aluminum Corporation of America”.

Most of Alcoa’s production was going to Germany.

In Rockefeller’s Standard Oil case, the message was simpler and delivered by its lawyers, the Dulles Brothers: no nice to Germany, no oil to the U.S.[ii], and no butadiene either (the material used for Buna, the synthetic rubber for tires, after which the concentration camp of Buna – Monowitz, or Auschwitz III, was named). They may have added that their friend Jack Philby had Germany covered. “Neutral” Ibn Saud would sell oil to “neutral” Franco who in turn would sell it to Hitler’s machine, and “neutral” Franco would be quite satisfied with his commission, officially paid through the Bank of Spain.

As I was writing this, quoting from reliable sources, I had to sit back. It was not over.

[i] Kris Millegan, “Fleshing Out Skulls & Bones”, p. 214.

[ii] John Loftus and Mark Aarons, “The Secret War Against The Jews”, p. 21 et al.”

Yep. And then some.

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