Franck PRISSERT, Indie Author at your pleasure. Or maybe not.

You are about to jump into my new story, “BETWEEN OBAMA’S LINES – How We Almost Lost The Middle East,The Cold War, and The Atlantic Alliance.”

First degree. You will find out why the Middle East is essential to U.S. security, and the World as we know it. This sounds like a stretch, but it is not. I stopped the clock in late 2014, when the Russian deck was stacked by Vladimir Putin, in President Obama’s plain sight. Events unfolded as expected, eerily so, until President Trump changed the script. I then added the word “Almost” and here we are, in the summer of 2019. To be clear, this was not to be just another Obama book. I simply had to figure out why the sixty year old Truman Doctrine was trashed under his Administration. And what the game was all about. I dubbed it the Grand Game of Go.

Second degree. The book flashes back to the long forgotten times of the Communist Party U.S.A., and of the Cold War which most people think ended in the Reagan era. I was a U.S. private banker in Europe when the Berlin Wall fell, and pretty well informed at that. To me, the demise of the Russian old guard seemed greatly exaggerated. Ten years later, Putin’s reign began.

In the meantime, we had also forgotten about the pan-Arab threat, an on-and-off reality since the 7th Century. Do you know about the Russo-Islamic Alliance, Alexander Dugin, and Yevgeny Primakov before him? You will soon find out, it is a major play.

I finished writing the book in 2015, my point was made, with some five hundred research references to boot. Obama’s Middle East policy seemed to be mired in a vacuum, some kind of 911 legacy, but there were three trails leading to his psyche. This book connects the dots – a first when it comes to “just another Obama Book.” Three short years later, on Communism, we had a revival, especially in Congress. The  same on the pan-Arab discourse and its corollary, “Death to America, Death to Israel.” Totally fits the narrative, I hate to say.

Third degree, and more importantly. This story proves the real collusion. Obama, Clinton, Putin. All of this happened under their watch. By “this” I mean the repudiation of the Truman Doctrine,  and the takeover of the Middle East by Russia. That’s what the book is about. But you won’t find anything about Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation, Mueller, et al. I did not know these things in 2015, or maybe I didn’t care. But whatever fuzz was in the picture then, it has become clearer by the day. Simply connect the dots, and you will better understand what President Trump’s Grand Game of Go is about.

Some of my favorite truisms:

“If I know this, everybody does. But if I don’t tell you, who will?” My Dad, 1928-2017.

“Fear not what you don’t know, but what you think you know.” My own version of  some smart ass’ quote out there.

“Ha men pollois dokei taut age einai phamen.” In other words, “What seems right to many, we say it’s true.” Not from Goebbels but from Aristotle himself, as quoted by Arthur Schopenhauer in the Art Of Always Being Right.

And attributed to Marcus Aurelius, while not my favorite emperor, “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

With that, and a heap of salt, time to read“BETWEEN OBAMA’S LINES.” You might be surprised.