Al Badawi, and Khashoggi.

Al Badawi, and Khashoggi.

The Cole attack occurred in 2000. That’s a long memory ago. It came two years after al Qaeda’s first foreign soil attacks, against the US Embassies of Nairobi in Kenya, and Dar es Salam in Tanzania. These illustrated the different means of achieving the same results, by the Muslim Brotherhood on one hand, the Mother of all Salafis, and by al Qaeda on the other, the Salafi Jihadist by excellence. The result was ultimately the Caliphate.

The Brotherhood’s strategy was the Near War, i.e. act local. Best example was how it renamed itself Hamas in Gaza in 1988, the same year bin Laden founded al Qaeda. Whose strategy was the Far War, i.e. act global.

But aside from these subtleties, the Caliphate objective remained the same, with its corollaries – death to America and Israel.

Which takes me back to the way each group voices its message. In the case of al Qaeda, the Cole was followed by 911, but also by the Near War in Syria and Iraq. Competing in the Near War was the Brotherhood, not only in Syria and in Iraq, but also in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. This is where we find Khashoggi.

So the question is, what if Khashoggi had been killed by a drone, much like al Badawi? Would the narrative be different?

Now, I know, one was a Salafi “journalist,” the other a Salafi Jihadist. Really?

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