Ali Abunimah – More on Da’wah

Ali Abunimah – More on Da’Wah.

Since we are mixing journalism and political activism – see my previous comments on Jamal Khashoggi -, take a look at the tweet below from “journalist” Ali Abunimah. I mentioned him yesterday in connection with AAAN, the Arab American Action Network, co-founded by Rashid and Mona Khalidi in 1995 in Chicago. Abunimah was then VP of the Board. Mona Khalidi was President. Today, she is assistant director of Columbia’ School of International and Public Affairs, while Rashid is director of the Middle East Institute (not to be confused with the Washington Think Tank co-founded by Christian Herter, President Eisenhower’s Secretary of State who succeeded John Foster Dulles). Interestingly, none of the above are named on AAAN’s website, which is particularly strange given Pr. Rashid Khalidi’s seeming reputation and avowed long time friendship with former President Obama.

That said, given Abunimah’s stance on Mark Lamont Hill, i.e. he loves the guy and the “One State Solution,” and more generally on, the omission of his name makes sense for a social services organization. Another flagrant example of what Da’wah really means.See More

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